Are you searching for car removal service in Liverpool? Then your search ends at ANZ Auto. We have covered all the locations of Sydney. We are Sydney based company offering services like car wrecking, car removal, cash for car, car recycling, car dismantling, etc.  ensuring that all the customers should get the car removal and car wrecking service. ANZ Auto could give you the best price for removing your car so that all the customers should be fully satisfied with our services.

Don’t Waste on Advertise; Sell Instantly Through Car Wreckers Liverpool

While selling your scrap car using the traditional approaches, you will have to make some efforts in advertising the car that would charge you a lot of money. You have to pay in places like promoting in the TV, pamphlets, newspapers which will increase the headache and decrease the cost of the vehicle as the vehicle is getting aged every day. Despite spending this much money there is no guarantee if your car will be sold. With ANZ Auto, you do not need to advertise your car for your old car removal. You can just drive it to our yards or we can come to your location.

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Vehicle is Getting Older

With every passing day, the vehicle is getting older and will be sold for less money keeping you in loss as you won’t get the good amount for that. You must call ANZ Auto, if you are the residents of Liverpool, we can help you out in removal of the vehicle from your property. We’re also there for truck wreckers liverpool.

All Brands of Car/Truck/4WD Removal Services

We remove all the brands of car, any make, any model, any condition.

  • Nissan, Jeep, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Audi, Hino
  • BMW, Dodge, Volkswagen, Subaru, Isuzu, Ford
  • Mercedes, Holden, Suzuki, Lexus, Isuzu, Kia

We are Sydney based company, doing car removals since decade.  We offer services like car wrecking, car removal, cash for car, car recycling, buying and selling of auto spare parts etc. We have covered all the locations of Sydney, and are servicing every corner of Sydney


Condition of car only matters in getting more money. Better the condition, more the money you will get.  Else, we have the policy of taking all the cars. The brand, make and model of the car don’t matter. We take all the cars and will pay you for any of the car removal.

We buy all the vehicles whether cars, trucks, SUVs in any condition. The make and the model of the vehicle don’t matter at all.  At this time, we buy motorcycles, scooters and other types of vehicles also.

It totally depends on your situation. If the vehicle is in some other garage or a gated community that is not accessible without your assistance then you will need to be present. If the payment method requires you to be present there in person, then you have to be present. Otherwise, you can generally just leave the keys and the title in your vehicle.

We carefully remove all the re-usable parts and oils with the engines and scrap the shell.

We collect cars from all over the Sydney and its immediate suburbs like Fairfield, Parramatta, Liverpool, Blacktown etc. We also include the suburbs of these cities.

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