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Collection and Free Towing Services in Fairfield

ANZ Auto has bought more than 500 vehicles in last couple of years. Firstly, we need to know the condition of your car/truck/4WD and then we could tell you the price of the car/truck/4WD. ANZ team will come to your place to collect the car/truck/4WD and tow it away for absolutely free. The collection responsibility along with towing and delivering it to the ANZ Auto yards will be on us. You have to be there for signing the ownership transfer papers and handing over the car/truck/4WD to us so that it could go for further wrecking process.

Top Cash for Your Car/Truck/4WD in Fairfield

We pay the highest cash-price for your car/truck/4WD in Fairfield. The price will totally depend on the condition, as better the condition of the vehicle, more cash you will get for your car/truck/4WD. We have been in the car removal and car wrecking business for many years and we follow the market price in Fairfield for car wreckers fairfield , so that we could give you the best price for removing your car/truck/4WD and you could be fully satisfied with our service.

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Facilitating Our Customers with Free Pick Up and Towing Services

Looking for car dismantling, wrecking, removing services in Fairfield? Are you not able to find any car removal company who can pay you top cash worth $8999 in entire Fairfield. We are the answer to all your questions in the mind regarding the car removal services in Fairfield.  ANZ Auto, Fairfield is the leading car wreckers company who gives the best price for car removal when compared with the competitive price. We have yards in Fairfield where we do the car wrecking, and truck wreckers fairfield
recycling and safe disposal. You can talk to our auto appraisers to get the free quote for your scrap car.


You can be assured that we’ll take maximum care when we collect your vehicle. Our trucks are purposely designed to keep things neat and tidy.

Our service is available everywhere in entire Sydney and all the suburbs of Sydney. You can visit our website and call us directly for your car removal. 

We require a title/ownership including the relevant papers for all vehicles picked up. However, certain cities do not require titles. You may require the small copy from the motor vehicles department.  The title/ownership must be there and that too free of license.

Majorly, the person assigned on this removal task will contact you in one day or two to schedule a convenient pick-up time. How quickly they are able to pick up your vehicle depends on the both Sydneyes schedules.

Our service is completely free. You do not have to pay a single penny for the pick up and removal of your Mitsubishi or any other vehicle. Enjoy!

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