Looking forward to retiring your old Toyota?? It served you well but now the time has come, maybe you should let the old soul rest now and its metal used and recycled. But is it really that easy? Finding a car wrecker that could get you a good deal, is fluent with the paperwork, is a known name in the domain and most importantly buys a TOYOTA!!! Well!! If all those questions popped in your head too then we surely have an answer to subside that confusion and present a clearer picture

Although there are many Car Wreckers in Sydney claim to be accepting all brands most of them fail to deliver as they promise and this is indeed something that demotivates the seller and he ends up keeping the car to himself and starts waiting for the best possible time which never actually turns up anytime soon.


After careful research and valid consideration, we have handpicked the best of the Car Wreckers in Sydney that also deals in Toyota – “ANZ Auto”

Keep reading for some points and reasons that made us choose ANZ Auto over other Car Wreckers in Sydney. Here We GO!!!


We ran careful research across the Car Wreckers in Sydney and tried to ascertain an average amount which enabled us to calculate – who is actually the one providing the highest price? And our results revealed but only one name ANZ Auto.  Not only do they ace the charts in providing their customers with the highest quote but also provide on the spot payment transfer directly to the bank account of the customer which is another policy that is hardly ever followed by most of the other Car Wreckers in Sydney.

Keep reading for some points and reasons that made us choose ANZ Auto over other Car Wreckers in Sydney. Here We GO!!!


You no longer have to worry about the way your car will make it to the yard as that will be taken care of by the professionals over at ANZ Auto. A single call will enable you to book an assessment, get a price quote, get any query answered (relating to the formalities) and get your car towed from its location. A call can never be more useful than that! The professionals over at ANZ Auto are highly trained personnel in client counseling and providing them with the best service while maintaining the utmost level of professional conduct.  A customer must expect nothing less than the best treatment when he deals with ANZ Auto


When anyone opts for a private sale of the scrap there are more than just one factor that needs to be taken care of by the seller moreover the seller has to go knocking a number of doors before he finds a suitable buyer, the torment however doesn’t end there once the deal is made the paperwork feels nothing less than the seventh circle of hell for the seller for which, unwillingly though he tries to find some professional help which at the end of the day costs him more money than he actually earned out of the deal- seems SCARY right?? We have all been there!! But you don’t need to do all that just for piece of scrap lying in your garage, just make call to ANZ Auto and they will take care of the entire procedure from towing of the car to fixing a favorable deal to finishing the paperwork, without even bothering you for anything other than your name, signature and your account details, what would be a more simple procedure to complete a sale? – NONE I reckon!!


If for instance, you are unsatisfied with the quotation or the services of professionals- you can rest assured of the fact that no pushy selling tactics will be employed by the professionals at ANZ Auto to extort your acceptance to a deal that your conscience isn’t allowing for. Customer satisfaction and safety is and has always been the prime concern for ANZ Auto and this is one of the most prominent reasons how they have made it to the top of the food chain of the Car wreckers in Sydney.

So there they are – Reasons why you should be choosing ANZ Auto for the removal of your scrap car. Hope the above will give enough reasons to you make the right choice

Call today and avail the highest price for your scrap car and the best service among all the Car wreckers in Sydney

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