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Best Saab wreckers in Sydney

Scrapping your Saab scrap car? Looking for a good price in Sydney? ANZ auto can help you out in this issue. We are a friendly team who are striving to get you the best possible quote for your Saab car wrecking services. We understand that wrecking your car can be a stressful process so we have created a simple way of wrecking and disposing your scrap car in easy and eco-friendly way. We are a licensed company which collects scrap Saab cars in Sydney and surrounding suburbs and will pay money for your unwanted Saab vehicle. We will quote you a scrap price for your Saab car over the phone and collect at a time that is convenient for you from your property.

Offer the best price for scrap Saab cars

Are you tired of keeping an unwanted Saab car and wants to rid off it permanently?  Selling an scrap, old, junk car at a fair price needs a lot of effort and headaches. To sell your scrap Saab car/truck in an easy way, you just need to contact us.  We have a systematic manner to work. Our auto appraisers will ask you a couple of questions regarding your Saab car/truck/4WD. We offer the best price for scrap cars, and make sure your scrapping experience is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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Wreck every car condition of Saab

We dismantle almost each and every condition of Saab car/truck that comes to us. We are not partial towards any condition Saab and dismantle them all. We are able to remove abandoned Saab car/trucks/SUV. You just need to inform us prior our visit to your location about the brand, model and condition of that particular abandoned vehicle

  • Dull Saab wrecking
  • Accidental Saab wrecking
  • Wrecked Saab wrecking
  • Scrap Saab wrecking
  • Failed engine Saab wrecking
  • Damaged Saab wrecking
  • Rusted Saab wrecking
  • Broken Saab wrecking
  • Used/second hand Saab wrecking

Removal of scrap Saab car/truck/SUV

Once we are over with questioning and getting all the necessary details about your car, we will quote you the value of your wrecked car accordingly. To sell your unwanted Saab car in an easy way, you have to approach ANZ Team . If you have accepted the instant online free quote, provide us with a date, time and schedule, so that they can reach your place and tow your wrecked Saab car/truck and give you money on the spot.  Our professional team/staff will go to the given location to collect your vehicle. We will keep all the paperwork and documents ready by our team to your place so all you have to do is sign a paper to hand over the ownership and collect the top cash up to $8999.


Condition of Saab only matters in getting more money. Better the condition, more the money you will get.  Else, we have the policy of taking all the cars. The brand, make and model of the car don’t matter.

If you ever have questions related to your car, then you could approach us online via online chatting/ whatsapp or you can call us directly at our registered phone number 0402710109

We take all the makes and models of Saabs. From the Wrangler to Renegade and every Saab model in between, Saab wreckers Sydney will give you the best cash quotes in Sydney.

Simply give us a call on our number 0402710109 or get a free quote online and we will arrange your car removal within 24 hours of your calling.

Yes, all impound fees must be paid/processed prior to the picking up your vehicle. It must be in your knowledge that we do not pay any impound fees.

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