How to get rid of your unwanted car? 5 easy ways

If at any time during the ownership of a car you come to realize that your vehicle is no longer roadworthy, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t worth any money at all. It’s immaterial – how old or damaged your car might be, there’s always a chance to get some profit out of it. There are not one but many different ways to get rid of a car, but you have to choose from the options which one suits you the best. The key deciding factors why make such a decision are your financial situation and the present condition of your car.

Say for example, you’re running out of cash and you are looking for ways to get rid of your car, in such a case you might be looking at a quicker and easier option to get rid of it. Conversely, if the car in question is one which is in a considerably good condition and you are not constrained by time to sell it; you could be looking at a bigger and better payout. In either of the cases, you can follow the below mentioned methods for a better understanding about how to go about the process and how to get rid of your car in a hassle free manner.

There are a few things to consider when you are getting rid of a junk car
Get rid of your Junk Car- AnzAuto
Get rid of your Junk Car- AnzAuto

You must consider the following questions before you conclude that you want the car removed:

  • Are you willing to invest some time and get more money from the car?
  • Do you have the space to store the car or its components until they sell?
  • Do you just want it gone as quickly as possible?

Knowing your limitations and preferences will give you a better idea about the method that would be most beneficial for as you get rid of your junk car.

#1 Sell the car yourself, or trade it in

Prior to selling or trading your car, you can follow these steps for getting the highest price out of that old car.

The first thing that you should be doing is getting a hold on the actual worth of the car. You can log on to ANZ Auto for getting a free quote for your car. From here on, you will have a better idea as to what price should you be getting out of your car.

Make sure you get all your paperwork in order prior to contacting or finalizing a buyer. The required paperwork is imminently necessary to sell your car both for legal validation of the deal and for the satisfaction of the buyer as well

Undertake the basic maintenance of the car. You can’t imagine the difference that is brought about by this simple step and how it improves the chances of the sale of the car. Top up the oil, the transmission fluid, and top off all the other fluids. If you are not comfortable with servicing the vehicle on your own, better that you call up a professional mechanic to help you.

#2: Donate the junk car to a charity

You Can Donate Your Old Car To Charity - AnzAuto
You Can Donate Your Old Car To Charity - AnzAuto

There are a number of charities that operate programs to which you can donate your vehicle. Some of them employ underprivileged people to repair them and return them to service on the road. Others dismantle them for parts or simply send them to the recycler for cash. Charities that operate programs where you can donate your junk car are worthy causes you may consider. You will receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the vehicle you donate to them which you can use on your income tax preparation as a contribution. The charity benefits from your generosity and you receive a small benefit later on.

Choose a charity; determine the amount of the write off. The total deduction you can legally take from your taxes cannot exceed half of your gross income (the money you make before you pay taxes). The greater value of your car determines the amount of paperwork you need to do

Call the charity’s hotline for their junk car program and make sure they’ll accept your car donation.

Have your car picked up. The charity will arrange for a tow truck to come pick up your car once the transfer paperwork is complete.

The charity will issue you a donation receipt for the current market value of your vehicle.

#3 Dismantling the car for Auto parts

If your car is no longer operational but you are sure of the fact that the parts of the car are in a considerably good condition, in such a condition you can choose to sell the operational parts of the car. Getting the buyers for such kind of a sale is not a tough task to accomplish. You can put up and advertisement

Below is a list of parts that can be sold:
  • Electronic components like radios, window motors, and power door lock actuators
  • Metal body panels
  • Power train components such as engines and transmissions
  • Tires and rims
  • Windshields and side windows

Be prepared to take a few precautions while opting for this mode. Make sure that the powertrain components from your car are removed beforehand. Items like the engine and transmission are most desirable parts of the car, if they are in perfect working condition. You can also try recording them while they’re still set up in the car and working on video before removing them from the car. Once you are done removing the parts from the car, you can proceed by posting adds on various social media platforms advertising your auto parts such as craigslist.

The interested buyers will contact you for the parts which will earn you a handsome amount which indeed depends on the overall quality of the parts. When the parts are sold out you can even sell the metal to a metal recycler which also is good source making money out of your old car

#4 Contact Car Wreckers in the city for a speedy removal

Get your car removed By AnzAuto
Contact ANZ Auto Wreckers For Speedy Removal

The best yet the most under-utilized resource for a person who is looking to sell his old car is Car Wreckers. Not only do they facilitate the removal of the car but they take care of the related errands. However, one shall at all times be diligent in choosing the right choice for Car Wreckers owing to the fact that there are plenty of car wreckers Sydney that make tall claims yet fail to deliver when the time arrives. If we were to suggest a name to you we would recommend ANZ Auto, for they provide the best services in Sydney and to add the cherry on the top they don’t even charge for the additional services they provide to the customers. They can be of best use to you if you are looking for a hassle free removal of the car!

#5 Junkyard

If neither of the options as discussed above suit you and you only want to get rid of the car by any means possible regardless of the profit or loss, then in such a case you can get the car out by selling it to any of the junkyards nearby to your locations. This will save you a lot of time on your hands but at the same point won’t provide any profits or over the top services. You just have to go there, dump the car and find a cab back home!!

Hopefully the above noted suggestions will help you chalk a plan out.

Good luck !!

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