No. 1 Hino Wreckers Sydney

Want to sell your unwanted or salvage Hino? Call ANZ Auto and get instant online free quote worth $8999 cash. We are Hino car wrecking specialist in Sydney. We take all the makes, models of Hino whether it is a car, truck etc. We handle all good to worst condition of Hino wrecking and give cash on the spot to all our customers. With the help of skilled car removal and wrecking experts, we can provide you with the highest appraisal for your junk and scrap car/truck.

Keeping Customer’s Schedule in Time

We offer top cash for your scrap Hino car and Hino truck. We have instant cash quote forms on our websites, which you can fill and get the online free quote or a registered number 0402 720 206 number that you can call on directly for a cash for car quote. We can give the online free quote on online chatting also. Once you accept the online offer, we will approach you within 24 to 48 hours to tow away your scraped Hino car or Hino truck and give you $8999 cash on the spot. Keeping the schedule of all our customers in mind, we have always thought of paying you on the spot strategy. Once you call us, our executives will talk to you about the scheduling of a free towing of the car or hino truck wreckers sydney.  We will call you 30 to 40 minutes prior reaching your place.

Get a Free Quote

We Take All Makes and Models

We take all the makes and models of all the Hino vehicles, whether it is a car/truck or any SUV. We are the certified car wrecking company who has one aim only to remove and wreck the damaged Hino and perform safe disposal on all of them. We are wrecking all the models without looking at their situation and past-present condition.  We wreck all Hino models like:

  • Hino 300, 500, 700 trucks
  • Hino T-H series
  • Hino Profia
  • Hino Ranger
  • Hino Renualt 4CV
  • Hino Dutroy

ANZ Auto Take Hino Models in the Worst Condition

We provide you with the best cash offer up to $8999 on the spot for your scarp Hino car/truck. You can make the deal on call or online chatting through which you can get the online free quote. After the conversation with our auto appraisers and their team, our towing staff will come to you to estimate the value of your car and will tell you the genuine valuation of your Hino car/truck. We pay the highest cash up to $8999 for your Hino car/truck. ANZ Auto has been in the car wrecking business for many years and we follow the market price only so that we would be able to give you the best price for removing your old, scarp, and damaged Hino car.

You will get the exact amount as promised on the quote or promised over the phone for the dull Hino. You will get cash for all types of Hino, either it is hailstorm affected, flood damaged or anything else, we take and remove all the Hino models that were in the worst  conditions.

  • Failed engine Hino wrecking
  • Accidental Hino wrecking
  • Salvaged Hino wrecking
  • Wrecked Hino wrecking
  • Used/second hand Hino wrecking
  • Rusty Hino wrecking
  • Scrap Hino wrecking
  • Dull Hino wrecking
  • Broken Hino wrecking
  • Damaged Hino wrecking


Yes, definitely you will be getting a soft copy on your email ID and in hand hard copy of the receipt. When you speak to the customer service person please tell them that you will require a receipt when the vehicle is removed.

Don’t worry! We will arrange paperwork for absolutely free. Just let us know and all the necessary paperwork will be done. Our extremely helping team will manage all the paperwork.

We buy all kinds of vehicles, irrespective of their makes and models. No matter what the condition or age or your vehicle is, we will buy it. We buy models of Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, Hino, Audi, BMW etc. We are the only business who buys all kinds of unwanted, old, scrap, accident, registered, damaged, used, new or unused cars, vans, trucks, 4wds, SUVs, etc.

You can be assured that we’ll take maximum care when we collect your Hino car. Our trucks are purposely designed to keep things neat and tidy.

Definitely, we make offers for all the accidental Hino. You can apply for the missing quote and we can remove your car with damaged parts.

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