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Are you bored of driving the same car every day or seeing the old grandpa’s car in the garage? Are you thinking that you will get no or really low money for your old used secondhand car? The answer is ANZ auto. We are having the team of professional experts who will estimate the actual price for your old vehicle and tow that for absolutely FREE!!! Also, you will be paid with the heavy cash for your used car. You can get top cash up to $8999 on the spot.

Sell Your Old, Unwanted, Second Hand, Used SUV for Cash in Australia

Do you want to get cash for your used car? Talk to the experts in the auto trade. ANZ auto specializes in offering cash for used cars Australia wide. You will never realize how selling a used car is difficult until you attempt to sell one. It comes with a lot of hassles such appraising the car to find its value, searching for buyers and once you get them, you are still faced with the task of negotiating the price.

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You Ned to be Happy!! No Advertisement Needed

If you want to attract good buyers for your car when selling using the traditional approaches, you will have to make some efforts in advertising the car. Despite spending money there is no guarantee if your car will be sold. With ANZ Auto, you do not need to advertise your car for your old car removal. Either drive it to our yards or let us come for it from it at its current location. We value your time and the location service. While working or dealing with us you do not need to do the towing of the car or fill the long length forms. Our experts will do the same for you.

Sydney Wide Car Wrecking Services

We have our offices and our services all around the Australia. We are doing this junk car removal business all around 360 degrees. Get your car removed instantly with our same day car removal services. We are dealing in all the possible cities and states of Australia. We are the No.1 Car removal company in Sydney Wide. Our experts who are in this field and are doing the task daily will do these stuff for you like helping out with the paper work and all you need to do is collect your cash with smiling face.


We always try to give you services round the clock. We want to help you out with the auto parts purchasing and selling 24*7. We are open all week days and weekends of the month.

You are always free to contact us if you need a replacement with recycled auto spare parts. We can assist you straight away in your purchasing for the recycled auto parts/car parts.

The amount of cash that a car owner gets for their car depends on the various factors of the car such as car condition and model and year of purchase etc. It also depends on the reputability of the company. We pay car owners to cash up to $8999 for the sale of their cars.

Being the promising dealers in scrap car removal services, we are able to put cash in your pocket, even if your vehicle is rusted out, broken in pieces and appears to be completely useless.

Simply give us a call on our number 0402 720 206 or get a free quote online and we will arrange your car removal within 24 hours of your calling.

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