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We deal in buying and selling of all the auto parts of all the cars. We have our hands in all the cars/SUV/trucks etc. irrespective of any make, model or condition. Whether you want to buy headlights for your brand new Toyota SUV or you want to sell the parts of your old BMW individually, you can contact us 24*7. We are available for you on call, message, email and online chatting. We have our team experts who will evaluate the value of your car part either you want to sell it or buy it and tell you the exact price. As, the time goes by, there are some parts which are hard to find for buying as an alternative because you do not want to buy new one. Also, there are numerous parts which you want to sell but you are not getting the customers demanding for that part. That’s where we come in; ANZ auto is the place to search for part quotes.

Car Parts are Cleaned, Tested and Covered

These days purchasing the auto part or replacing it with the new one is making sense. Now people are becoming more sensible on usage of these car parts. Customers are more inclined towards selling the car parts and not the whole car. ANZ auto is full of parts that are rare to find and giving you the opportunity to find all your car parts in your utmost need and thus retain the good maintenance of your car. Buying and selling of these auto parts is cost effective way of restoring the originality and love for your same car. All our car parts are cleaned, tested and covered.

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Buying and Selling of These Auto Parts is Cost Effective Way

    • Customer Friendly staff
    • Cheap price of recycled auto parts in entire Sydney
    • Assurance of the quality of all the recycled auto parts

Best Auto Parts in Sydney

People have become smarter with time, rather than selling whole car to the car removals, they prefer to sell individual parts and metal of the car to make more profit. Now people are relying on the auto parts companies to buy the car parts directly from them. Many people have this idea of maintaining their car perfectly, keep sticking to it and replacing any auto part when they feel that it requires genuine replacement.

Effective Way to Interact with us:

If you would like to enquire about our used vehicle parts service:

    • Call our used car parts sales team directly on 0402 720 206
    • Fill and send us the enquiry form regarding the car part deal
    • You can do the online chatting and ask about car parts


1. What kind of auto parts do you have?

We have all the good quality and affordable spare parts. Body parts like Hood, Headlight; Tail light, Spoiler, Front-Bumper, Rear-Bumper, Doors, Bonnet, etc. at ANZ Auto

2. Brand new parts are really expensive, what do I do?

You should take the recycled auto parts if you are not able to afford the brand new parts. You will be satisfied to know that we offer all the recycled car parts at the lowest price rates.

3. May I know when your services are open?

Our car wrecking services are open in all the locations all over Sydney 24*7. All our recycle parts are properly cleaned, tested and thoroughly inspected.

4. Do you also have the headlights of Toyota car?

We  have all the possible car/truck spare parts at very low and reasonable price. We have the A to Z list of all the possible auto parts. We have all the parts right from the airbags to the Wheels etc.

5. Are your recycled parts tested?

Yes, you can be assuring of the fact that all our recycle parts are properly cleaned, tested and thoroughly inspected.

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