5 Important Things You Need To Do Before Selling Your Junk Car

Selling your scrap car? Have you checked all the things in line? It is really important to check for all the following things before selling your junk car, as they may cause tension and hindrance in selling the car.

Remove Personal Stuff

It is really important to remove those belongings from your junk car, as when the towing truck arrive, you may never get the chance and they take away the personal stuff with themselves. Check under floor mats, above visors, and anywhere else you might have kept important items. A junk car once leaves your place; it directly goes to the salvaging yards. So look before you ask them to tow away your vehicle from your location.

Give Your Title of Ownership

You have to return license plates and cancel your insurance. If you don’t sign the ownership transfer papers of the car to salvage yard, you might face a little difficulty because you technically still own the car, even though it’s been wrecked and recycled even.  You can sell your car without a title but it’s much harder to sell and you can’t get that great cash.

Remove Valuable Entities

If you have some valuable material that you have put or fit on your car earlier, you can remove that material. Like you can keep the newly fitted car tyres with you, keep the rims of alloy wheels with you and swap them with the existing ones. Car’s battery could be the one that you could keep, and you can install in any car that may be demanding a battery change. You can keep the GPS system, your sound system, etc. if they are valuable.

Remove License Plates

Make sure that you remember to remove the license plates from your junk car before its towed away. The license plate specific rules differ in every state regarding what to do with the plates after the junk car sale. In order to cancel your registration and insurance, you must return the plates to department of motor vehicles. So, you must remove the license plates from the unwanted car that you are going to sell or remove.

Use Up Your Fuel

If your car is not running, then no worries about the fuel it is having. If your car is still running before you sell it to any car wrecker, you might want to use up the fuel before you have it towed away from your location. Depending on the fuel left in the tank, you will get the cash from the car removal team. But, it’s always better to use up the fuel as some companies tend to not to give the money of the fuel that’s still present in the car.

Keep all these things in mind while calling any car removal company. Follow these steps and then us at your location to remove your junk car. You can call ANZ Auto at 040-272-0206 in Sydney to get your scrap car removed from your property. We will provide you best cash possible for your scrap car on the spot.

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